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  • Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator  v.2.10Chinese characters are difficult. They are totally different from western letters. That's exactly why "Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator" can help you a lot. With this software, you may learn characters like watching a movie!
  • Chinese Character Bible  v.8.0Chinese Character Bible features a unique writing animation, every Chinese character is shown with color components that are based on its etymology for enhancing your memory efficiency.
  • Learn Chinese Character  v.1.01, Learn Chinese Character is an English-Chinese double language Dictionary including over 12,000 Chinese words and phrases. 2, There are over 3,500 the most popular used Chinese characters writing demo.
  • AnyMini C: Character Count Software  v.4AnyMini C is automatic character count software. It is character count program for all common file formats, which supports .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP and is powered by AnyCount Text Count Engine.
  • School Guitar Learning Software  v.2School Guitar Learning Software 2 gives you the ease when you use it to make your own songs and save them, as well as providing a set of songs and pieces a to work through.Major Features:Include mini programs for lessons on topics such as fun ear ...
  • Chinese character matrix dot creator  v.2.01The project is designed for hardware engineers to generate Chinese character dot matrix of pixmap. These pixmaps can be used for showing Chinese in embeded system/enviroment such as LCD.
  • Personaltrainer Thai Language Learning Software  v.1.0L-Ceps Personaltrainer Thai is an adaptable language learning solution for individuals with a serious desire to break the language barriers of the Thai language. Learn the Thai language with this easy to use software.
  • Chinese Learning Software  v.4.5.0Learn Chinese Hanzi. Type your answers, skip words that you know, let the program intelligently select new words for you to learn. Create your own word-lists or choose from pre-installed lists: Word lists for all HSK-levels.
  • Web Based Skill Assessment and E-Learning SoftwareScaleBrain provides specialized skill assessment software tools and services that performance-driven organizations use to build and implement sustainable workforce training systems and reduce Costs of recruitment speed up the hiring process. Our ...
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